About Us and Romford Raiders

This site is dedicated to the Romford Raiders, which is one of the most successful and popular ice hockey teams in the whole of the United Kingdom. Whether you are already a fan of the Romford Raiders of have simply heard the name of the team and want to know more about them, you are sure to find plenty of interesting information about the team right here on this site.

Ice hockey is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sports in Europe and matches are regularly organized in various parts of the continent. Through their sheer dedication and passion for the sport, the Romford Raiders have managed to capture the hearts and imaginations of ice hockey fans all over the world and help promote the sport in the United Kingdom.

The Romford Raiders are based in the Essex town of Romford and this site is also dedicated to providing information on different things to see and do in Essex. This part of England is often ignored by travelers to England in favor of the city of London. However, it is possible to travel to various parts of Essex very quickly and conveniently from London and many of the enchanting towns and villages that can be found here make excellent day trip destinations.

People who take the time to get to know Essex are sure to find that there are lots of interesting destinations that are just waiting to be discovered. Those who are planning a trip and looking for ways to fill time will find all of the resources they need right here on this site.