Hanging out in Romford

Part of the London borough of Havering, the market town of Romford is situated just 19 kilometers east of the center of London. The town boasts a vast selection of shops and draws more than 250,000 regular shoppers. Since more than half of the borough is countryside and parks, visitors are never far from green, open spaces.

The town is possibly most famed for Romford Market, protected by a law granted by King Henry III, which states that no other market is permitted within a six and two thirds (miles?km?) radius of Romford. This medieval law still holds true today and was successfully used in 1990 to prevent neighboring Ilford from opening a market. The present day market in Romford is a large open-air market featuring 270 stalls.

Queens Theater in nearby HornchurchThe borough features a very lively arts scene and the pinnacle of this can be found at the Queens Theater in nearby Hornchurch, which is a full-time production theater showcasing a wide range of productions, children’s shows, exhibitions and promotions. The Valence House Museum and Art Gallery is housed in an early manor house dating back to the 15th century. The museum displays various artifacts detailing the history of the area including Stone Age and Bronze Age tools as well as Roman pottery, while the parkland surrounding the house is also worthy of exploration.

There is no shortage of shopping facilities within Romford, from the famous Romford Market to high street shops and the modern Liberty Shopping Center. Combined with easy commuting to the city center, there is little chance of not finding what you are after here. There is also a plentiful supply of pubs and restaurants in the area, catering for every taste. A wide range of leisure facilities are also on hand, with the Romford Sports and Leisure Center being the most notable.