A new cup and a “challenge” to start the action

July 20, 2021

Raiders are getting straight back into action at the first available opportunity as they face “local” rivals Bees for a new annual event, the “Everyone Active Cup”.

Travelling to Slough on 4th September the return leg will be at the Sapphire on Sunday 5th with the cup awarded to the agregate victor after the two leg competition.

Bees and Raiders have again become natural rivals over the past few seasons and games between them have traditionally been competetive with their respective league positions reflecting this.

Many Raiders and Bees fans will remember the rivalry wayyyyyy back to the Gord Jeffrey and Darren Fridgen Heineken era so this cup just consolidates what has been a great rivalry exceeding three decades.

And there is more!

Then we follow this with a pre-season challenge against the Basingstoke Bison, a team with whom we have also shared some great games in recent seasons with a number of squandered leads, last minute equalisers and winners to spice up the fixtures.

Saturday 11th sees us return for the first time to the Basingstoke rink in almost 20 months, anticipating the normal reception from the partisan Hampshire faithful.

Then Sunday 12th sees us welcoming the Bison for the second leg in what should be a revealing test for the season ahead for both teams.

A pair of very exciting hockey weekends to break hockey free isolation for the fans of Bees, Bison and Raiders.

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