A sneaky mid-week addition..

June 21, 2022

Raiders are pleased to announce the return of Slovak forward Erik Piatak for the 22-23 season wearing his #51 shirt.

“Erik had a cracking start to last season and his line were proving very productive and very difficult to handle. Unfortunately he suffered an injury mid season and whilst still putting in some good performances it was clear the effects of the injury were proving difficult to shake off. His end of season numbers were far off what he can give.

“We know that the last few months rest have allowed him to heal fully and we are confident we are getting back the Erik we know and admire. His experience and quick thinking, knowing where his line mates are going and his previous fitness are attributes that saw not only Raiders looking for his signature.”

Welcome back Erik.

Next announcement Thursday, not today (Tuesday 21st), as advertised in other media.

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