And we are back………

September 5, 2021

After 18 months of waiting we are finally back and what a game and a season it promises to be.

But more of that later. This post is to tell you two things:-

Tickets are selling very well indeed and we do have a capacity limit due to Covid restrictions. So if you can, a pre-purchase using our ticketco app is really recommended and will keep the door lines flowing as it is a much faster process if you already have the QR code on your phone or printed on paper.

Head here for the ticket purchase link for todays game

With match night at the Sapphire comes our newly polished up streaming service, again courtesy of the Ticketco app.

Head here for the streaming purchase link.

Pre-paid will have a separate queue and we intend to prioritise prepaid for the first batch of admissions from around 4-30pm

There will be a slot just after 5pm for pre-paid also as we are sure some will like a bit of local refreshment before attending at the last possible second. Not too late though fans. We all want to watch the game including us staff!

Talking of pre-game refreshments……who will be joining all their hockey buddies at the Golden Lion today? Save some room for the after game party too!

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