Carer entry to Raiders’ games (update 16/10/23)

October 16, 2023

As part of the investigations into a fair and consistent carer entry policy Raiders management have reviewed a number of systems operated by others. We have also received several recommendations for cards such as the “Access” card where the user’s paperwork is independently assessed by providers of that card.

The practice of application for a carer pass in advance of attendance is widely used in entertainment and sports venues and until the card systems available have all been compared Raiders will operate a door register of those that have applied in advance of the event.

Anyone wishing to make use of free carer entry until the card system is in place will need to submit their proving documents to This should be in line with our original policies where documents such as entitlement letters for higher rate PIP and DLA were required including any references to carers.

We will allow our specialists to review these and advise on the discretionary free entry for the carer. This will be presented as a register on the entry point to the Sapphire on game night so our door staff have a pre-arranged list of carer entries for the night. For regular home fans this will obviously become part of the weekly routine and should mean document checks are not required for every game.

For visiting fans, the same process will apply and we will endeavour to make sure the policy of pre-application and approval is known to other fan bases before arriving at the Sapphire through our web site and contacting the visiting teams own media people.

The subject of independently authenticated pass cards from the same provider being used throughout the league has been discussed before to simplify the processes and some of these passes come with other benefits for the holder including ease of interchangeability between carers where appropriate and in some instances discounts at outlets.

In the meantime those wishing carers passes at Raiders and Buccs games need to email in advance to ideally no less than 3 days before the game and be prepared to apply for a card, such as the Access Card, in the near future.

Thanks for your patience whilst we attempt to provide a fair system for all parties.

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