Coach travel to Hull, Saturday 29th February.

February 20, 2020

It’s the last chance you will have for 12 years to travel with the players on 29th February and it’s the sort of long trip where you would be happier with a snooze there and back rather than driving yourself.

Yes its the long road to Hull and perhaps the most cherished of the “surprise” road wins earlier this season.

It is a 6pm face off and for the 193 miles we will be setting off at 11am with a mid point leg stretch and hoping to get home around 1 on Sunday. And then of course we entertain Hull at the Sapphire the following day so many of you will not want to miss the antics of the road game to see how they influence the home game.

Just £27 for the trip as a contribution to the loss making costs of this fuel guzzler. Goodness knows what we will do when fossil fuel vehicles are banned. 🙂

Booking and payment can be taken during the breaks in this weekends home game (Sunday 23rd February vs Bracknell) and we will be repeating this format for the rest of the season if we find this improves fans awareness of the travel offers with regular announcements during the game as well.

If you are not hooked on social media, as well as game night you can book your place emailing ↓
Raiders travel department!

It is getting towards the most exciting hockey of the season and every voice and cheer helps the guys, especially on the road.

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