Covid Pass Update 22nd January

January 22, 2022

Following the government’s announcement that some of the Covid spread protection measures are to be relaxed we would like to give an update.

Until the 27th we are unaware of any relaxation to the rules we have employed and repeated here, on social media, and on the ticket information on the on-line ticketing system. We therefore repeat these and that relaxations may be applied before next weekend in line with government rules and guidelines.

A Covid Pass is required to enter the Sapphire.

A Covid Pass can be formed from your vaccination record and on a suitable NHS App your vaccination passport can be presented as a QR code, either printed at home or a file on your phone presented to the scanning staff.

The other form of Covid pass shows your recent record of negative tests, whether these be Lateral Flow or PCR. The results from these can be registered to the NHS App and then a QR code sent to you, similar to the above as a printed or on phone version.

Raiders management have always suggested that for the purpose of reducing the chance of the virus being carried into the Sapphire rink that they far prefer proof of recent negative test. That proof can include an email or text message sent to the person who has taken the test.

So to sumarise Covid passes:
We prefer a scannable Covid Pass
This scannable pass could be your vaccination passport, but we are not so keen if this doesn’t include a recent negative test registered to it.
This scannable pass could also be proof of recent negative test.

In non-scannable form we are accepting other proof of recent negative test. This should be an official text or email from the NHS service that you uploaded your test results to.

Those under the age of 18 are not required under law to have to provide a Covid Pass. However each venue is allowed to set their own requirements for entry and we suggest that those as young as 13 should be able to provide proof of recent negative test without unreasonable discomfort or inconvenience bearing in mind the protection this may be offering vulnerable people in their vicinity.

Face covering wearing

There is currently no change to the wearing of face covering within the Sapphire for larger events such as Ice Hockey attendance.

Face coverings should be worn at all times in the rink on the understanding that the chances of an infected person passing on their infection to others is greatly reduced by wearing one. We have to accept that negative test results are not 100% accurate and may not register the early signs of an infection and are therefore happy to support this extra layer of protection (and clothing)

Whilst brief removal for consumption of food or drink are acceptable, the management and stewards will be viewing any cases where it is felt that excessive removal is obvious. Where we feel that an individual (or group) are not taking these rules seriously then we will ask those involved to comply or leave the rink. Abusive language and behaviour in respect of these requests will not be tolerated and may in itself become a reason for ejection from the venue. We are all just trying to abide by the rules and keep each other safe and compliance should be a no brainer for the 2 1/2 hours involved.

The law does not require face covering wearing for 11 and younger. If your youngster is comfortable wearing face covering then we are more than happy for them to join in.

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