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January 26, 2022

The Raiders organisation can advise that as a result of the government’s decision to return to “Plan A” after a 7 week spell of “Plan B” we are now allowed to adjust our own entry restrictions if we so wish.

From Thursday 27th January we are no longer legally obliged to check for Covid Passes or insist on the wearing of face coverings. Covid passes were used by attendees to prove they had either been fully vaccinated or had recently tested negative for Covid variants.

Covid Passes

So from this Sunday, 30th January we have decided to no longer be checking for Covid passes. Our advice to “before you go, take a Lateral Flow” is still relevant however and we continue to urge attendees to test negative before entering the Sapphire.

As a team we are still seeing occasional positive tests and so we appreciate the protection we are offering team members by the players, staff and volunteers testing regularly. It makes sense for the crowd to provide the same thought and protection to those around them.

Face Coverings

We have decided that wearing face coverings is to also become an option when attending games, although I am sure many of us felt far too many avoided complying with this requirement willingly under “Plan B” precautions.

We will not therefore be requesting face coverings but again suggest it is a sensible and thoughtful precaution when lateral flow tests can take several days to detect an individual who is infected with a Covid variant.

Limiting contact remains

We will still be employing restrictions in contact between spectators and players in the “communal” areas and will continue to restrict “fist bumping” etc.

As we all know this situation may well change in the event of a rise in cases of the current variants, or perhaps the emergence of a new variant. So please make a habit of checking this web site or social media to ensure you are prepared for whatever restrictions are in place when you attend.

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