February 15th is deja vu day as Leeds are back

February 15, 2023

Sunday was a game to forget for the Raiders with a 0-9 scoreline and some bruised pride to deal with.
Wednesday is another day and the Leeds team and fans will have some bruises of their own on the coach down south after the overtime loss in Sheffield last night.

Are the travel rest and a game off important in these matters? Well tonight we may well find out.

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We have another excellent figure skater in the first break and 16 year old Lira Gonen has represented the UK and appeared in National competitions.

We have all the usual “stuff” and our shirt off their back will be #19 Harry Gulliver who played for Leeds last season (see we do plan these things)

Doors open 6:15pm at the Sapphire for the planned face off at 7:00pm. From then on anything could happen.

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