Game cancellation, Apologies

December 20, 2021

Raiders’ management would like to apologise for the late cancellation of yesterdays game due to take place at the Sapphire vs the Swindon Wildcats.

We were facing a rapidly developing Covid related situation and it was decided that the safest and most appropriate action was to cancel the game.

In mitigation, new cases were confirmed after the decision and cancellation which we feel now removes any doubt that the action taken was justified.

Customers that had purchased a ticket to view live or to stream will be contacted by Ticketco in respect of refunds, re-booking or vouchers. It is a process that we understand may take up to 2 weeks. Fortunately our ticket buyers are generally quite late with their purchases so we appear to have limited numbers that will need to go through this process.

Many thanks for your understanding on the matter.

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