Hockey is back, and the first 50:50 is a guaranteed £500!

February 16, 2021

It seemed like a good idea to celebrate getting hockey back in front of our fans and crowds in general so we have decided to provide a little incentive to our viewers this Sunday.

The 50:50 will be guaranteed at £500 minimum!
Yep £500 smackers!
A monkey!
10 Bullseyes

Just log into our normal 50:50 Raffall site or click here→ Raiders first Spring Cup 50:50 ← to go to our Raffall 50:50 site. That’s only £350 above by the way……pah……. we are talking £500!

We are also marking the return to action with our first ever on line “Shirt Off Their Back” and the one and only Erik Piatak’s shirt will be going to the lucky winner. We have checked Google, there is only one Erik Piatak.

Again just click here First on line shirt off their back to go to our on-line site and pay your £2 to be in with a chance.

Winners will need to give their details to so the shirt can be sent to them after a short period of time and a little bit of anti-bac spray!

Get online and get buying!

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