Its a 4 game weekend for Raiders Senior Hockey

September 14, 2019

The waiting is over and whilst the 1’s take on the Cardiff Fire at the Sapphire at 5:15 the Nationals are heading to Bracknell for what appears to be a new tradition in pre-season challenge games.

Sunday it is the big start to the season as Raiders National host the Bees in the return leg at the Sapphire whilst the 1’s make the short journey across the water to face Invicta.

The 1’s game today at the Sapphire can also be viewed on the PPV streamed service here ↓

Raiders 1 host Cardiff at the Sapphire

Raiders National’s game on Sunday will be a useful opportunity for the fans to test those voices and see how the new players are settling in with the bulk of last seasons’ squad. Bracknell have also seen changes over the summer and with them being the last opponents last season this will be a useful bench mark to see who has progressed most.

For those unable to make the Bracknell game on Sunday 15th then our live streaming service will be providing the action as usual and can be found here ↓

Raiders host Bracknell, 2nd leg, at the Sapphire

It has been a long eventful summer. There is a lot, lot more to come. Let battle commence!

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