Its a big festive bonus 50:50 this Sunday!

December 23, 2020

Raiders are delighted to put their hands in their pockets again and guarantee a minimum of £250 payout to our fab fans this Sunday. Just click on the link ↓ or the 50:50 tab at the top of the web page and get your tickets.
Fab festive 50:50 with Raffall

What a perfect extra little gift for your fellow Raiders fans that you can slip into the stocking (whether or not they are wearing them) , hang on the tree or email to them when your confirmation arrives.

So come Sunday at 7pm as you try to wear off the excesses of Friday and Saturday just freeze Countryfile / The Chase / Eddie the Eagle / World strongest man / Friday Night at the Proms (Friday???) / Chicken Run / Pride and Prejudice / etc etc etc and relive the excitement of the normal match night announcement.

And as ever, whatever is left over will go towards your favourite team!

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