Its a cliche but…….its the final countdown! (add your own music)

August 28, 2022

Just 7 days to go for the first home action at the Sapphire after a 5 month gap. Yep nearly half a year!

We have lost some dear friends from the crowd.
Some players have moved on
More players have moved in

But we are back, bigger and better than last season

Players signed and registered✔
Volunteers ready and raring✔
Shirts designed and ordered✔
New tracksuits designed and embroidered✔
Season tickets designed and printing✔
New rink boards designed and printing✔
Wrist bands designed and printing✔
New game shirts ordered and travelling✔
New sticks arrived and taped✔
New skates arrived and sharpened✔
New streaming kit arrived and tested✔
New match night magazines designed and printing✔
Travelling buses booked✔

New fixtures posters designed and printing✔
New sponsors secured✔
Existing sponsors returning✔
Own and loan shirts sold out✔
Card machines charged✔
Cash boxes prepared✔
Season ticket payment lists ready✔✔✔ 🙂
Social media awash with the new season promo✔
Ticketing site ready for purchases✔
Streaming site ready for purchases✔

Shouting trousers ready✔

Are you ready?

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