It’s Friday and it’s game day!

October 29, 2021

Raiders open the doors around 6-30pm this evening for a rare Friday night game to kick off a 3 game weekend. A 7pm face off but don’t risk missing a minute despite the Golden Lion offering 20% off food and drink and the Bull now stepping up with a 10% discount of their own.

Ciao Bella say they are unable to offer their 15% discount this evening however.

And back to the action!!

The Bees are back in town for our first league game against our nearest and fierest rivals of the National League era and we can be sure of another rip roaring closely fought battle with the Gold and Blue in full voice.

Honours even this season so far with a tie, a loss and a win so bragging rights will back up the available 2 points.

Tickets available on the door for cash and card and also using our on line system at Ticketco → Raiders vs Bees 29th October 2021

If you cannot make it to the Sapphire then our live stream is available as usual → Raiders vs Bees Live stream 29102021 6:15pm

All the normal attractions including our interval figure skating demonstrations and a couple of surprise returnees…….

Tomorrow the long haul up to Leeds and then back to the Sapphire for our normal 5:15pm fix of the worlds fastest team sport.

Its a Halloween Spooktacular as the Phantoms look for a quick revenge to haunt us after our 3-4 win at Peterborough last weekend

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