Its game day!

February 20, 2021

It has been a long wait but for fans, management and players the day could not come too soon!

Raiders travel to Telford today for the 6-00pm face off in the league champions Shropshire rink. And as the country is still shrouded in Covid protection measures there is a certain symmetry in that action is starting where it stopped in March 2020.

The live stream at Telford can be downloaded here Telford vs Raiders 20022021

Training has been going hard, well mostly hard as witnessed above and the lads are in good form. 4 hours on a bus today wont dampen them after an 11 month wait.

Masks, gel, aerosol Dettol (other makes are available) , anti bac wipes, rubbish bags and more are all packed ready for the 161 mile haul up the M1 and M6.

Tomorrow the return leg at the Sapphire faces off at 5-00pm and our own live stream can be downloaded on this web site, more specifically here Streaming links. It will be the same page all Spring Cup so why not bookmark it?

And of course the Raiders game sees the first on line shirts off their back together with our on line 50:50 which carries a minimum prize of £500 this weekend.


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