Its game day at the Sapphire

January 16, 2022

Its game day at the Sapphire and the Raiders look to repeat their win in Milton Keynes last night as the MK Lightning travel in numbers to Romford to seek revenge for that 3-4 loss.

Last week’s games started in a similar fashion with a healthy 0-5 win at Sheffield but Raiders will be working to keep the momentum going this week helped by getting straight back into the action in front of a very noisy home crowd (come on Gold and Blue!)

Tickets available on the door with card or cash.Tickets available from our on-line ticketing pals at Ticketco. Click the link below:-…/raiders_vs…

Cant get to the game? Then our stream will be live from around 4:30pm and can be found here ↓…/raiders_vs_milton…

If you are coming in person then dont forget……

1) Your Covid documents

2) Your face covering to be worn all game.

Covid passports showing proof of vaccination are interesting but we would far rather see proof of recent negative Covid tests. This would ideally be uploaded onto your NHS pass or an email or text from the service proving recent negative test.

Please please please have these available for scanning when you reach the front of the queue rather than running back to the car to get your phone, then back again to get your phone charger, then downloading the NHS App, then heading off to find a lateral flow test, etc etc etc

It is going to be a cracking game and atmosphere so if you haven’t been before, tonight is as good a starting point as any.

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