Its game day in the sunny Sapphire!

March 14, 2021

It is game 3 of the 3 game weekend as your favourite team (or favourite second team) host Wiltshire’s finest Wildcats.

The weekend started well enough with a 5-3 victory against the Bees but yesterday the Raiders legs needed the first period to get going as they drew 3-3 with the Wildcats. Nobody is counting the first period right?

So a 3pm face off in Romford is in prospect today with the normal procedures in place. You know them all by now?

Live Stream via Ticketco → Raiders vs Cats

The 50:50 draw has been at least £500 for three weeks running now!
50:50 via Raffall → 50:50 14th March

A multi goal multi Man of the Match hockey machine and his signed shirt could be yours before he returns to the Elite League
Zach Sullivans signed shirt → Sullivan Signed shirt

So settle back, yell at the screen, enjoy the game and send us some selfies in your favourite colours! Take satisfaction in the fact you dont have to be there 3 hours early to shove swabs up your snout. 🙂

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