Jake Back In Gold & Blue

May 25, 2018

We are delighted to be able to offer a welcome back to 20 year old Jake Sylvester for a second Raiders season after his injury interrupted initial season in Gold and Blue.

Jake made 38 Raiders appearances despite being out injured for a month after breaking his wrist against Cardiff. Jake was quickly on the score sheet, scoring twice on his Raiders debut against Streatham and went on to score 17 goals and 13 assists for 30 points.

Jake is another member of the Romford Hornets National Championship Under 16 winning team who have stepped up to the current Raiders, albeit via a spell at Chelmsford. He iced 58 times for the Hornets scoring 56 goals and 36 assists for 92 points. In the final season at RVW in 2012/13, Jake made a total of 35 appearances for Hornets and Buccaneers, scoring 70 goals and 41 assists for a total of 111 points.

After moving to Chelmsford he progressed through their junior development programme making 34 appearances for Mohawks, scoring 45 goals and 39 assists for 80 points; and then onwards into senior hockey for the Warriors in NIHL2 making 62 appearances, scoring 70 goals and 50 assists for 120 points and was a member of the triple winning Warriors team in 2015/16.

He made his Chieftains debut in 2014/15 season and made 82 appearances scoring 32 goals and 30 assists for 62 points, picking up a clutch of trophies as part of the successful Chieftains squad.

His line combination with Ollie Baldock and Juraj Huska in the past has been a notable success and seems likely to generate scoring opportunities whenever they are on the ice. That partnership with the re-signed Baldock will no doubt signal further problems for opposition defences in the coming season.

Jake is pleased to be back at the team where he had many successful junior memories.

“I’m very happy to be returning to the Gold and Blue this season after a big learning year last year. I think we proved a lot of people wrong and from start of season to the end we definitely improved. Come the playoffs we were contending with some of the league’s best and I think we can do the same this year. I think we will be a side hard to play against this year.”

Sean Easton “Jake Sylvester A natural goal scorer. Pops up with big goals time after time. Had a hard season last year after breaking his wrist but found his game towards the end of the season. We are looking for Jake to have a big impact year for the Raiders, a go to guy in tough situations.”

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