Live stream Raiders vs Hull Pirates, Saturday 14th December

December 14, 2019

For those that cant make the game at the Sapphire today our live streaming service will be live as usual.

Click on the link below to start the purchase process

Raiders vs Hull live stream

There have been a few viewers that have had problems in the past and these are normally cured by……..

Make sure you get your code at least a couple of hours before the game to give more time should problems occur.

Making sure that after your Paypal transaction you press the “return to merchant” button
Check your spam folder if your email with access code doesnt arrive
Check your ISP spam system isnt holding it remotely
Refresh your PC if the stream isnt connecting using the link given
If the stream freezes or is juddery then make sure local connection issues are not a problem. Wifi between devices is a common bottle neck and wired devices seem less problematic.
We try to ensure the language around the camera is suitable for tender ears but the occasional emotional moment may get through.

The Sapphire rink are unable to assist with issues so calling them generally does not assist

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