“Own and Loan” shirt sponsorship 2023-2024

Raiders Ice Hockey offer the fans an arrangement to “own” the players shirts as part of the “Own And Loan” shirt sponsorship deal.

For £270 your agreed chosen name, company or cause is shown at the bottom of the rear of the shirt and will be seen during match nights, whether home or away. The sponsorship is also announced during the evening at every home game when the shirt is worn. It is a great way to support your team and your favourite player and at the end of the season you have a unique item of Raiders memorabilia, significantly different from the merchandise replicas.

The shirts are a high quality embroidered design which is not available to the general public although the merchandise replica shirts are a high quality printed design.

The shirts would normally be presented to the player at a “meet the player” event and then presented back to the owning sponsor at the end of season player awards. An on-ice photo with the player, and the shirt is also available as an alternative (and often as an additional bonus!)

To sponsor a player you will need to contact the sponsorship team at :- ownandloan@raidersicehockey.com

Shirt choices

This season we will have 2 playing shirts to choose from. However this does leave us room for a special “celebration” shirt later in the year. Maybe even an even bigger surprise shirt as the season progresses?

Our main shirts are therefore:-

Our predominantly “light” shirt ↓

and predominantly blue shirt↓

As has become recent tradition the shirt colour for home and away games will “swap” half way through the season. This should mean that home games in 2023 will be played in the “Gold” shirt and then this will swap in the New Year with the blue shirt being worn at home for games in 2024.

And there is more………

The Raiders have for 8 seasons chosen to support a local charity and this is done by dedicating the warm up shirt to that charity, with a suitable design promoting the charity. It raises funds for deserving causes and raises awareness of these local charities.

These are very popular and are priced at £145, a significant part of which is added to the teams donation to the charity at the end of the season. This season’s Charity is The Sycamore Trust UK and more can be found on this great cause in the Charity page. As with previous seasons we intend to play one whole game in these shirts when our charity can join us for an additional fund raising event when our 50:50 proceeds will also be donated.

Please Note: Raiders “own and loan” value lies completely with the ownership of the sponsored shirt.

Raiders management cannot be held responsible for players that choose to leave the team before the full season has been completed.

Raiders cannot be held responsible in the event that a player is injured, reducing the number of games he plays and exposure of the sponsors details on the rear of the shirt.

The ownership of the unique player shirt shall be accepted by the sponsor as the full value of the sponsorship and the shirt will be presented to the sponsor / owner as soon as it is available and requested.

The risk of a player “departing early” is borne entirely by the sponsor in respect of any perceived value lost, by the player being unable to appear in photos, presentations or for the inability to announce the sponsor before games.

Raiders management sincerely hope that all sponsored player remain with the team in good health, form and fitness for the entire season but cannot offer any guarantees to this or any form of recompense. The vast majority of shirt sponsors enjoy a full term of sponsorship.”

Thanks to all our amazing sponsors that help keep the Raiders on ice. We cannot over-state how fundamental all fund raising is for keeping our team not only on ice, but growing season by season. The incredible “sold out” signs every season on the shirt sponsorship are a big part of your support so thank you again!

Our fabulous shirt sponsors for this season:- We are delighted to have virtually sold out on the sponsorship of shirts, as usual, so well done to Mel for administering but mostly to you guys and gals in the stands for your ongoing support.

NoPlayer NameCharity Warm-UpGold ShirtBlue Shirt
#3Elliot DeweyChloe MastersonIn Memory of Simon MitchellThe Ennis Family
#5Joe TomalinThe TilbrooksIn Memory of Steve TomalinSue and Steve
#8Zachery BennettSomething of the Ilk – 03/02/2018 A New EraRay FitzhughThe Martin Family
#10Brandon AyliffeLel, Keith, Ryan and JordanIn Loving Memory of BartyLinda Birdsey
#11Thomas RelfIn Memory of Daf and DonThe YoungsThe Battershall Family
#12Mikey PowerAubree ConroyLiam WalkerThe Appleton Family
#14Jack CooperLaurence ThornDave the CatBob Delderfield
#18Marco PascaleIn Memory of Maureen ClarkTeddy And Erin BraddBrooke Allen
#19George NorcliffeLynn DelderfieldAdrian Vincent-JonesBlind Ice Hockey UK
#21Callum Wells Lottie AndersonLogan AveryMichael Smith
#24Zack MiltonDave In The BinMason, Hollie, Sydney and KierCaz Stammers
#28Nick LeyerThe Boyse FamilyAdrian CroxallRoger Ford
#29Jake SylvesterAlexa PriestGlenn WattsThe Youngs
#32Brad WindebankWithers and LinDave BurrellMrs PIP
#34Owen DellThe Masterson FamilyJames and Perry GillLel, Keith, Ryan and Jordan
#39Ethan JamesBri and Ellie McKenzieLynn DelderfieldChris And The Old Man
#48Adam LaishramEllie GoldstoneThe Battershall FamilyHudson-Higgins Family
#55Sean BarryAnthony TapsellTony PearceGold and Blue Army
#57Ashley JacksonAlfie and Arthur PavettNHS Ipwich HospitalJames Lavelle
#63Aaron ConnollyRay FitzhughBob DelderfieldThe Escritt Family
#87Brynley CappsG.M.G.NGSDGMG
#88Ewan Hill
#89Blaho NovakGayle, Katie and Charlie GreenConcell ScaffoldingSally Jones
#95Jacob RansonAdrian Vincent-JonesThe LawrencesIn Memory of David Kilburn
#98TJay AndersonLel, Keith, Ryan and JordanDave BayleyTeddy and Erin Bradd
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