Planet Ice NIHL National Division

June 23, 2022

The following announcement is made from the management of the Planet Ice NIHL National Division :-

2022/23 Season Begins on 17th September

The Planet Ice NIHL National Division Owners Group met last week to finalise the structure and dates for the 2022/23 League campaign.  The league will comprise 11 teams and 56 regular season games per team followed by Playoffs and Championship Finals weekend.

Here’s the details:

  • 11 teams playing 56 games
  • Each team plays 3 times home and away, except that each team drops 2 home and 2 away games to make up the 56 game season.  These games have been decided on a semi-random basis, taking account of which would be the longest road trips to make.  See the table below for details
  • First games home and away between each team will count towards the Cup competition, with semi-finals and Final to be arranged once the competition is complete.
  • Season dates are:
    • Optional pre-season 2/3/4 & 9/10/11th September
    • League starts 17/18 September
    • League ends 1/2 April
    • Playoffs 8/9 April (top 8 playing 1v8 2v7 3v6 4v5)
    • Coventry 15/16 April

This table shows how many times each team will play each other, so you can see which games your team will not be playing.  Where a box is in yellow, it indicates games which have been dropped. 

For example Hull will play Bees and Swindon at Home twice each and all other teams 3 times each.  Hull will play Basingstoke and Bristol twice each Away, and all other teams 3 times.

Fixtures will be released in the next few weeks once planning has been finalised.  We are all excited for our expanded 11 team Planet Ice National Ice Hockey League National Division and can’t wait to get started!

(Note for Raiders the above means we will travel to Leeds and Telford just twice, and host Bristol and Sheffield just twice to form our 28 home and 28 away regular league games)

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