Play off tickets to go on sale, home and away!! Season ticket holders be aware!

March 11, 2019

With the weekend’s results done and dusted the first uncertainty of the Play-Off first round has been clarified.
Bracknell will finish the league in 4th place and Raiders will finish in 5th, a direct swap of last season’s positions.

As a result of their superior league position, Bracknell get to chose home and away legs in the first round and they have made their choice.

Raiders will play Bracknell Bees, at the Sapphire, on Saturday 23rd March.
Raiders will then travel to “The Hive” for the second leg on Sunday 24th March in Bracknell.

Bracknell have kindly advised Raiders management that tickets for the second leg in Bracknell will be available this Sunday 17th March, when coincidentally Raiders play in Bracknell for the last game of the regular league season. So any Raiders fans travelling to Bracknell on Sunday 17th March will be able to buy their tickets for the same venue for the second leg of the first play off round on 24th March.

Clear so far?

Now that the dates of our play off games are known, Raiders tickets can be bought on like here↓

Raiders tickets Bracknell Play-Off home

Please note that Season Tickets DO NOT include play-off games and our season ticket holders will need to buy a regular ticket / wrist band for the play off first round game. As is our normal custom wrist bands will be available to buy, in the VIP room, during the breaks in this Saturday’s Peterborough game on Saturday 16th March.

Whilst season tickets are not valid for the play off games, we are pleased to advise that your seat reservations will still be in force, so do not throw away your season ticket at the end of this coming Saturdays game. You may need to turf out an infiltrator!! We had reviewed the possibiliy for priority booking processes for season ticket holders but it seems the system doesnt facilitate this. So season ticket holders, please make sure you are either at the head of the on-line booking queue or in the VIP room on Saturday during the Peterborough breaks.

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