Postponed games of 27/28th January now re-scheduled

January 30, 2024

The Raiders would like to thank Bristol and Leeds for the quick work in agreeing new dates for the postponed games. EIH have also now confirmed officials are available for both the rescheduled games.

The Leeds Knights game is now to be played on Friday 9th February with a face off time of 7:30pm. Raiders have a game-less Saturday 10th but are already hosting Hull Seahawks at the Sapphire on Sunday 11th February so this effectively becomes another “double-home-weekend” for the Raiders.

The Bristol Pitbulls game is now to be played on Saturday 16th March at the normal 5:15pm face off time. Raiders already are hosting Peterborough Phantoms on Sunday 17th March so once again this becomes a “double-home-weekend”

The above adjustments have already been added to all season passes so these should scan as normal for the new games. The fixtures on this web site also reflect these changes. Changes to social media and ticketing site artwork will be done ASAP to try to reduce confusion!

All other “day-ticket” purchases made before the postponement will automatically transfer to the new date. However Raiders are still awaiting conformation from Ticketco regarding when this will be happening.

In instances where purchasers are unable to attend the new dates then refunds are available through the ticketco system.

This requires details to be sent to for us to forward to Ticketco giving our permission for refunds to be issued.
We will need your
email address
Ticket type (adult, concession etc)
multi character reference code

All the above should be on your booking confirmation and electronic ticket from Ticketco.

These are then issued to Ticketco for them to refund. In the past this process has proven to take up to two weeks unfortunately. Raiders are unable to refund directly because the funds do not pass from Ticketco until such time as games have been played and funds transferred.

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