Raiders 50:50 Raffall

Raiders fans you dont have to stop your weekly flutter just because there are no live games to absorb.

The Raiders on-line 50:50 has all the fun of the game night version and helps the Raiders return to the ice full of energy and funding!

Click on the link or the image of the page below and follow the simple registration process. (Firefox browser users may have to temporarily switch allegience if the process stalls)

Raiders Raffall page

Once the one-off (dont forget your details!) registration is completed you will need to add some funds to your Raffall wallet. You can choose to add just this week’s purchase value or add a few weeks worth of dosh just to save some time later.

With that done you can buy as many £1 tickets as you want and then sit on the edge of your seat till 7pm on Sunday to see if you are the lucky winner of half the pot!

Just like during the playing-season this will happen every Sunday evening when there were some pretty impresive prizes over the past 2 season.

So get registered, get purchasing and help get Raiders back on the ice ASAP

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