Raiders 50:50 round 2!

October 10, 2020

Despite the fact you will have missed the chats with our fabulous 50:50 team, the first on-line 50:50 through Raffall was a great success as our winner of £179.50 will gladly testify! He’s booked his tickets again so don’t let him have a clean sweep please. 🙂

We think you guys are enjoying a bit of the game night experience so we will soon be looking at a guaranteed prize fund once a month, just like we do at the Sapphire….there’s a coincidence!

You can get to this week’s draw by clicking → here ← if you have already registered with the site. That will be drawn at 7pm tomorrow, Sunday 11th October so watch out for the announcement and from whom to claim the first drink in their celebratory round.

If you have yet to register then click→ here ← to head to the instructions on this web site or just click on the Raiders 50:50 Raffall menu item and the top of this web page.

Good luck, and spare a thought for our poor 50:50 sellers missing their weekly banter with you guys!

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