Raiders add an on line 50:50

October 3, 2020

The Raiders have added a weekly 50:50 to the on-line presence with the draw taking place every Sunday, just to make it feel a bit more like game day!

The process requires a one off registration to open an account and then you will need to add a sum to your “wallet” in the app.

From then just as with game day you can choose to buy any number of £1 tickets. Unlike game day the system has no facility for bulk buying discounts.

You can log into the Raiders Raffall site here ↓

When on the Raffall site click on the large Raiders symbol to open up the present week’s competition.

If registration is problematic you may need to change browsers (Firefox appeared to not register an account for me, but was later fine for purchasing tickets)

As with the game day event half the proceeds will go to you the fans and the costs being absorbed by the Raiders. As ever all raised funds help towards getting the Raiders back on ice when that is finally viable.

So help us try to get back into some sort of hockey routine and good luck!

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