Raiders are away, but the Buccs can play!

February 2, 2024

With the Raiders heading to Leeds on Saturday 3rd, and then Swindon on Sunday 4th Raiders fans may think they have a weekend of thumb twiddling to look forward to with some live streaming later in the evening.

Well fear not, the Romford senior development team, better known as the Buccaneers, are playing at the Sapphire on Saturday the 3rd and tickets are available on the Raiders ticketing site here ↓

After an overtime win in Invicta two weekends ago, featuring a 5 goal haul from Raiders / Buccs / GB star Brynley Capps, the Buccs now face the Slough Jets in the quest to rise further up the Div 1 League standings.

Raiders season ticket holder of course can enter for half normal price and that deal is only available on the doors on game night.

A fantastic chance to see and support the Raiders of the future and help keep the Buccs on ice in the process.

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