Raiders “big” new addition

August 17, 2019

Raiders latest signing is…….

Well you be the person to name him!

He is waaaay over 6 feet tall on a good day and wraps a cuddly interior with a cuddly exterior and we think the youngsters are going to love him and the crowds are going to enjoy his antics on game day. The opposition?….well lets see.

Raiders first ever mascot recently made a secret appearance at the Sapphire and took some valuable words of advice from coach Sean Easton. Sean is pictured here (to the right).

So the challenge is on for the Gold and Blue as to what to name this handsome beast (the mascot).


Or something far more memorable from our imaginative fans.
Get your thinking caps on. His appearance is not so far away and our number 87 needs a name!

Oh, and for those hoping for a player name to add to the current list of Raiders, your wishes may yet be heard for some additional energy for the team.

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