Raiders book their place in Coventry

April 10, 2023

Six relatively short words to headline this news release but for Raiders’ players and fans the meaning couldn’t be much more significant. After a break going back to 2005 with the likes of Amyotte, Power, Marostega and more the Gold and Blue will be gracing the Skydome stands watching their heros on the ice.

With a poor track record this season against the Phantoms many will have written off the chances of progressing, especially after the 1 goal deficit in the “easy” home leg at the Sapphire on Saturday. Being 3 goals down with just 7 minutes to go even the optimists would have been planning next weekends garden centre visit or which opposition team to support.

But the come-back of all come-backs was about to explode on the ice with an injection of effort and sheer bloody minded stubborness that simply would not settle for disappointment. Highlight reel saves at one end and a coast to coast effort from Matt seeded the growth in belief and the guests score.

The stats, goals and assists will appear in other feeds but this was about raw emotion. The bond between the players, the fans, the fans and players, the fans and fans and the support between all, for all, was there in Zamboni fulls.

So keep an eye on media for details of next weekend. Two semi finals on the Saturday and a Sunday afternoon final to decide the play-off champion. For today however each player wearing the white Raiders jersey in Peterborough is already a champion in the eyes of those two screaming blocks outside the away locker room.

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