Raiders get their first signing on the board for 2023-2024

March 24, 2023

With preparations already underway to continue this season’s significant progress we are delighted to be able to confirm that the foundation for our on ice efforts and growth are already in place.

We are delighted that Sean Easton is back at the helm for another season, recognised as a vital element by those in the know and immensely respected amongst the players and fellow coaches.

“Sean clearly lives and breathes Ice Hockey and that shows in pretty well everything he does. We are working to bring to the workbench an enhanced set of tools for him to craft a team that can finish even higher in the table next season and in future years too. He deserves that and our fans deserve the success he will bring them this and in the coming years.

Sean returns as Head Coach for a seventh season and we are looking forward very much to the season ahead with him back attracting and coaching some significant talent. It’s a big job. The league has grown, the teams have grown, the businesses have grown and Sean is the right guy for the tasks ahead.

We look forward to releasing the signings Sean has already secured over the coming weeks whilst not disturbing too much the focus on the efforts to get to Coventry.

Welcome back Sean.

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