Raiders host the Wildcats whilst the Link Centre undergoes rescue

October 1, 2023

The Swindon Wildcats are at the Sapphire today (1st October 2023) and again next Saturday as part of the rearrangements to facilitate the repairs to their flooded rink.

For Wildcats fans (and all others) that want to catch the games live in person at the Sapphire then our ticketing system in in the normal place.→ Raiders ticketing portal

For the live stream for today’s game the link below is what you need

Raiders vs Wildcats 01102023 live stream

For next weekends live stream then the link below is what you need.

Raiders vs Wildcats 07102023 live stream

We welcome the Wildcats fans to the Sapphire to get their hockey fix in their hour of need, but don’t expect the lads on the ice to be any more welcoming that usual.

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