Raiders look to momentum to maintain the points run

October 11, 2019

Raiders look to keep the points flowing as they dwell a little on a great 4 point haul over two top teams.

“It is never a great idea to get too high on the highs or low on the lows” said a Raiders spokesperson, “but when the fixtures were first released we looked at the prospect of facing Hull and Swindon in the same weekend and “sods law” came to mind. Winning both games by a single goal and maintaining our composure when under a lot of pressure over the final minutes in both games shows that the lads are mature beyond their “youngest team in the league” title. Social media feeds were certainly buzzing as the Raiders faithful always enjoy something to celebrate.

“I guess the one part of our game that needs attention is shooting into empty nets as both games had significant minutes where the opposition netminder had been pulled and we probably missed the goal 4 times!”

So avoiding getting too high on the highs we set our sights on the big ice of Basingstoke and a rink we have struggled to get results in the past. Even amassing big leads hasnt always been enough and the team need to focus on 100% effort every minute of every shift. A slow start at Swindon early in the season saw us ship 7 goals but this seasons Raiders are quite capable of bringing the game back, a goal at a time. We just need to not make the job unnecesarily difficult by having these lapses.

Three weeks ago Basingstoke took their eye off the puck for a few minutes and we got some quick goals and they were chasing a scoreline they were never realistically going to be able to get back. Our depth, age and fitness mean that few teams are going to outlast us into the back end of the third.

Sunday is an unknown as the Brand new Leeds team visit whilst their relocated rink is completed. They have some good names on the roster and are so far without points. But these defeats have not been huge losses and that win will come soon. Raiders just need to make sure the seasons turning point is not Sunday for Leeds.

With the Gold and Blue numbers swelling this season, a large and noisy Sunday crowd are what is needed to keep feeding the boys. Have you got our backs G&B?

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