Raiders make some roster changes

October 25, 2019

The Raiders organisation have decided, after appropriate consideration, to release Czech forward Marek Malinsky from his contract with the team.

We would like to thank Marek for his efforts and service to the Raiders since recovering from the injury he arrived with and wish him well moving forwards.

We will be announcing additions to the squad over the next 24 hours to strengthen the team and to attempt to recover the momentum that has been missing over the past 2 weekends.

All teams state that they have “the best fans” but we genuinely appreciate the support we have had over this admittedly short lean spell and we are sure that the volume associated with a winning team will be rattling the windows of our award winning home very soon. You probably wont manage that from Bracknell on Sunday (due to distance) but normal home game service will be resumed next weekend when we face Bracknell at home on Sunday 3rd November!

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