Raiders results add to festive spirit!

December 31, 2023

Raiders capped off the final hours of 2023 in the manner they hope to start 2024.
Plenty of goals.
7 out of 8 available points (pesky face off violation!).
A growing fan base.
A ladder up the league table to 7th.
Some hope for the same in 2024.

And a few recent highlights to reflect on as the development of young players continues to be a focus of Sean Easton’s teams.
Joe Tomalin’s regular appearances and two assists to his name.
Brynley Capps also regularly on ice and his debut goal last night.
A Hattrick for Tjay Anderson in Slough.

We have come through some tedious and traumatic NBT issues but have three of the best in our line up now who are clearly bringing out the best in the rest of the team with goal scoring across the lines.

To all our players, staff, volunteers, fans (yes all of you) may you have a fantastic New Year Celebration this evening and have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2024 in store, hopefully boosted by success for your favourite hockey team.

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