Raiders to have a two home game weekend to celebrate Pride Week. Your chance to claim a player shirt…

January 24, 2024

Pride Week presents an opportunity for the EIHA and the affiliated clubs to highlight, embrace, and celebrate the diversity of human beings. It provides everyone in the sport the chance to demonstrate their support and inclusion of people from all walks of life, no matter their gender or sexual orientation and this is the third year for such a celebration.

Raiders are delighted to have another great design to celebrate the event courtesy of KingPin design and the team will be wearing these against Bristol on Saturday 27th and then Leeds on Sunday28th January.

Replica’s have been available to order for some weeks at a price of £65 but the match versions showing players names and numbers are now available to purchase on an “own and loan” basis.

↑Last season’s Pride shirts were a big hit with the players and fans ↑

We are aware these are very desirable items and last season they were snapped up within seconds of the email deadline passing. The cost of the own and loan versions will be £95 for a unique item which in virtually all cases will be game worn with lots of out-of-focus pictures to prove their veracity.

As with last season we are inviting any fan wanting a match pride shirt to email us their preferred player.
This should be emailed to . Also as with last season, we are suggesting that you apply for a first choice as well as a second and third choice to improve your chances of getting one.

Emails should be sent after 7pm and any email arriving before exactly this time will not be opened. Should your first choice have been “claimed” by an earlier email then we will try to allocate your second choice, unless that has already been claimed, and so on.

Anyone who has a completely unsuccessful bid email for shirts, will be emailed details of any available un-claimed versions.

Available at the start of bidding will be the following numbers, names and sizes:-

5 Tomalin Large
8 Capps XL
10 Ayliffe Large
11 Relf XL
12 Power XXL
13 Dewey XL
14 Cooper XL
18 Pascale Large
19 Norcliffe XL
21 Wells Large
24 Milton XL
29 Sylvester XL
32 Windebank G3XL
39 James GXL
55 Barry Large
57 Jackson Large
63 Connolly XL
72  “Blood” Large
81 Laishram Large
85 ” ??? ” 🙂 XL
89 Novak XL
91 Prevost XL
95 Ranson Large
98 Anderson Large

So if you want one of these shirts get your emails in bang on 7pm Thursday 25th January to . Good luck and thank you again for your support.

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