Raiders vs Bracknell 14th March Live Stream

March 14, 2020

It is being billed as the “play off decider”, although mathematically win or lose each team (and even both teams) could still get through. What they are getting through to is anyone’s guess till next week’s news reveals the possible enforcement of attendance limits on UK gatherings. But for now we will celebrate what we have got to look forward to as the closest rivals on ice, presently tying 27-27 in goals scored get together for almost certainly the last time this season.

It is possible that this stream will be more popular than most, as some “at risk” groups decide to keep away from large gatherings. So make sure you have booked in a bit earlier than usual to give us more chance to deal with any possible issues. Click on the red link below↓ to get things moving.

Raiders vs Bracknell 14th March Live Stream

The usual advice applies, ALL taken from previous issues that are beyond the control of the streaming provider:-

Dont forget to press the “return to merchant” button after your Paypal transaction.
Make your purchase a few hours before the game if possible to give a better chance of dealing with any issues.
Check your spam folder if your email with the access code has not arrived.
Check your ISP isn’t holding the email in their anti spam system.
Make sure that you are using the Paypal account of the email address that you are expecting the code to be sent to. Some computers are registered for accessing more than one Paypal account, we have found, and if you accidentally use the wrong Paypal account that email will be going to the wrong email address.
If the stream appears to freeze then check your local bandwidth and signal strengths. wireless links between devices (for streaming from a phone to a TV for example) are not as reliable as wired links.
Refreshing your connection re-using your code should be an option if your stream is slow or frozen

Following one instance of poor uploading speed the connection to the local IT infrastructure has been upgraded to ensure that local wifi use does not affect the stream quality.

The Sapphire staff are unable to assist with problems so calls to the centre are unlikely to offer any help.

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