Return to mask wearing for the Sapphire users

December 11, 2021

The government’s response to the rising cases of the new Omicron variant of Covid, means the Sapphire centre falls under the categories where mask wearing is a condition of entry.

So all those attending Raiders games from tomorrow (Sunday 12th) , till further notice, should ensure they have face coverings to wear when entering and during their stay in the Sapphire.

We are sure that all will be taking the increased risks seriously and respond appropriately and it is recommended that in addition to persistent mask wearing that all attendees take the precaution (for themselves and others) of undertaking a Covid test within 24 hours of attending.

Mask wearing isn’t the end of the sensible precautions of course and the normal advice remains.

Washing / sanitising of hands
Avoiding close face to face exchanges
Spacing, especially in queues
Distancing on entry and moving around the rink
Avoid hand contact with your mouth

We would also like to reiterate, that at these times especially, clearing of your used cups and food packaging is important to minimise the risk to those that otherwise have to clear this debris

It is quite possible that future games may see a further increase in precautions. This may include the need to prove vacinations or negative test status before entry to the Sapphire can be allowed. The NHS app is an appropriate form of proof.

Thanks for your cooperation and helping to keep us all safe and healthy.

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