Romford Raiders play-off shirts are available soon…..

May 13, 2024

Many fans have been in touch to find out how they can get their hands on those fantastic Romford Raiders shirts that were worn during the 6 play-off games.

Well wonder no more. We want to give as many as possible a fair chance to get a bit of Raiders memorabilia so we will be repeating the process used for the Pride shirts.

So here are some reminders of what they look like ↓ Thanks to Kat Medcroft of Swindon for the white shirt photos

Thanks to Kat Medcroft for the photos of the white shirts

The shirts available include both the white and the blue versions and all are priced at £100

Anyone interested in owning one of these shirts will need to:-

1) Email on Thursday 16th May.
2) Emails should arrive no earlier than 7pm
3) Emails with a “date stamp” before 7pm will not be opened

Previous experience has shown that this offer will be very popular and some shirts are likely to be claimed faster than others. We do not want anyone to be empty handed so the suggestion is to follow the previous advice.

When you email your desired shirt give your first second and third choice. You can give 10 choices if you like, or all 52 if you are really keen to be seen in one.

Emails will then be opened strictly in the order they arrive to preserve the fair and random selection process and if your first choice has already gone we will work down the list till your highest available choice is reserved for you.

All sucessful bidders will be informed and details regarding payment and delivery / collection will be given.

Shirts available include both the blue and white versions of the following so don’t forget to state whether it is the blue or white version that you are interested in.

5 Tomalin
8 Capps
10 Ayliffe
11 Relf
12 Power
13 Dewey
14 Cooper
18 Pascale
19 Norcliffe
21 Wells
24 Milton
29 Sylvester
32 Windebank
33 Gray
39 James
55 Barry
57 Jackson
63 Connolly
81 Laishram
86 Eriksson
89 Novak
91 Prevost
95 Ranson
98 Anderson
72 …………….

Good luck to all bidder and we look forward to some photos of the proud owners in their latest shirts.

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