New role for Sean Barry

July 22, 2022

Raiders can announce that Sean Barry is to take an adjusted involvement at the Raiders. We would firstly however like to thank Sean for all his on-ice effort over the past few years, often on a short bench.

Sean arrived at the Raiders with a number of “A12” pack players in 2017-2018 and has been an almost ever present since that time with 188 games, 10 goals and 69 assists and 106 penalty minutes (excluding Spring Cup). Raiders hope to draw that significant experience into a positive influence and provide coach Easton with even more valuable backing in the coming campaign and provide another set of eyes to help guide and coach the team.

Coach Sean Easton is looking forward to more assistance in running the team as he explained:-

“Barry has a new job which means his commitment to the sport has taken a step back, but I’m always looking to improve the Raiders with the resources we have and asked Barry to stay involved as an assistant coach to build an off-ice team.

“Along with Clements, Barry and myself we have a great working relationship and all have a passion to deliver the best we can. The demands of the league get bigger every year and we all have full time jobs as well as the coaching, so the more eyes we have working together can only help the team to be where we want it to be. Barry will also be an asset to make sure we are not short over the year in case we encounter injury problems”

Sean is glad to be involved again in Romford:-

“I’m happy to be back and involved with the Raiders for another year. Having got a new career up the city I unfortunately cannot commit to a heavy schedule. Hopefully the signings Sean has made over the summer, will put us in good stead for the season and challenging for silverware and get to Coventry”

Welcome back to your new role #55

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