Season ticket pre-registration for National League season 2020-2021

March 26, 2020

Whilst we keep locked down (where we can) and safe there are a number of people asking about next season and the purchase of season tickets. Last season was the best yet for season ticket sales for the Raiders and seeing so many new fanatics join the fans we are expecting an uplift this season.

To be candid, we cannot be sure on what the “package” will be. It is not inconceivable that the season may need to start later than usual which may mean the number of games is reduced. Maybe mid-week games would be used to make up the numbers. Perhaps the season and “Coventry” would extend beyond the traditional March / April climax to maintain the same number of games. Maybe this damned virus will clear out quicker than expected.

Using last season as an example the 26 league games cost:-
Adult £312
Concession £216
Youngster £168
Under 5’s free

So assuming that ↑ as reasonably accurate for the coming season we are inviting all interested fans to pre-register for their ticket. This will give us more time to assemble all the data (we love a spread sheet) and swoop into action when the all clear sounds. It also gives the team a better idea of budgets and what offers may be possible from our sponsors and where we can expect the booing and cheering to come from next season.

So please email → ← and include the following information:-

Names, both given and family
Category of ticket, A, C, Y, U5
Contact email address (if not the same as the one you used to send the information!)
Seat number required and whether this is a repeat of last year. Existing ticket holders will have priority on retaining seats.
Mobile or contact number
Full address (in case we have to post them)
Whether you are happy to recieve general emails from the Raiders pertaining to the tickets and any other notable events. Please note this list will not be given to third parties to promote other products.

It wont bring the new season closer, but it may just feel not quite so far away 🙂 and gives us a better idea of what challenges face us building for the next campaign.

Thanks for your impressive support as usual!

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