Shawt UK experience for Ryan

September 1, 2022

Raiders are obviously disappointed to have to announce that recent Canadian signing Ryan Shaw is unable to start the season as hoped in the Gold and Blue.

Ryan’s recent Major in Criminology at the University of Windsor was hoped by him to be the pathway to a career in the Canadian Police Force. Unfortunately for Raiders that opportunity opened up over the weekend and Ryan had to opt for the long term decision and return to take up that offer.

“The team are really pleased for Ryan that his intended career path has developed so quickly for him and really do wish him well for his future in the force and on ice as we are sure the force will have a roster spot for him as well in their hockey team.

“With the changes in Visa rules for players that does leave us with several weeks of wasted time in respect of sporting endorsements and various other sponsors documents to enable another non-UK passport holder to play for the team. To be candid, the timing of this development couldn’t be much worse for the team.

“However we have already made great progress with the paperwork to sign another Canadian forward of good pedigree and will announce more after the paper work has been completed and endorsements rubber stamped.”

As Raiders fans we are used to obstacles being thrown at our progress and if we can get our bad luck out of the way pre-season then the rest of the season should be plain sailing…………….

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