Spring Cup finale!

March 27, 2021

It is game day at the Sapphire and the arrival of the Telford Tigers signals the final home game of the return to play Spring Cup.

Raiders will be planning on repeating the success of last Saturday as they finally overcame the Swindon Wildcats with a 6-3 scoreline. Previous games vs the Tigers have been close and this one is likely to be a cracker.

The streaming links are in the normal place on this web site, but if all that mouse moving and finger dragging are just too much effort on a lovely sunny Spring day like today then just nudge your chosen pointing device to here → Raiders vs Telford 6pm face off

Oh, we know pay day is just around the corner but the stream is, for this week only (unless we choose to do it again!), just £5. Yes just £5. That barely pays for the electricity to push all that entertaining data down the glass and copper conduits to the back of your screen.

So whilst you are now feeling flush, you could be even flusher………by buying into the 50:50 which is finishing with a flourish and another FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS guaranteed. Just click on the extravagantly capitalised and emboldened text to head straight to the Raffal site and get your chance to be a winner winner whilst you enjoy in the comfort of your own home your chicken dinner.

And finally in this shameless act of self promotion, this weekend’s signed shirt comes from the back of DAN SCOTT. Again just press on that bold text to head straight to the site.

And to remind you of what you have been missing, a little snap from your favourite rink.

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