Streaming again this weekend, 5th and 6th October

October 4, 2019

With the second team at home Saturday and the Raiders National Hosting Swindon on Sunday we have another weekend of streaming action for you (and it has been tested and works!)

Live streaming again this weekend

With the Raiders National team taking to the long road to Hull on Saturday, the twos take on Milton Keynes Thunder at the Sapphire and their stream can be found below↓

Raiders twos vs Milton Keynes, Saturday 5th October

Raiders National game stream on Sunday is going to be no substitute for the noise that the Gold and Blue army are going to create but if you must stay away then log in and enjoy ↓

Raiders National vs Swindon Stream Sunday 6th October

These streams are live and Ice Hockey is a physical and emotional game, on and off the ice. Some “colourful” language may make its way onto the stream despite the best efforts of our security team. If this is likely to offend you and you find watching with the sound level reduced is not an option then perhaps the live stream may not be for you.

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