Streaming an update and an apology

October 1, 2019

We are aware that things did not go as smoothly as usual for the streaming service for either the National game vs Telford or the Div 1 game vs Streatham this weekend for which we apologise, especially since it appears the main error was a Raiders management one (oops).

We have undertaken a thorough review, and believe us, there were some hours spent working out the problem. The issue appears to be a contact email change to the Paypal account which stopped payment and prevented the codes being issued in the normal way. This has now been rectified and everything appears to be working as usual.

Both games should be on the system for viewing retrospectively.

The system should be back to its normal standard for the coming weekends game. Unless we let our CEO out of the naughty corner and he messes something up again.

Thanks for your patience, those who showed some 🙂

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