Streaming issue; Telford game. An apology and partial explanation.

February 22, 2021

It is clear to all that the streaming on Sundays game had some issues. From codes not being sent automatically through to image quality.

In the period 4-30 to 5-30pm we had a huge task here at sending codes manually and keeping up with new purchases.

We certainly tried hard to keep up but failed for purchases in that last hour.

We now appreciate that the nature of customers for the stream, and things like 50:50 that you guys do like to make your mind up at the last minute and trying to keep up when the automatic system had failed was a valiant effort but ultimately not good enough. Should we have pulled the plug and stopped purchases? Maybe. We did have two people on standby for just this issue but we could have had 20 in the absence of the auto send and not kept up.

We will be investigating the causes this week to ensure there can be no repeat.

There will also be discussions regarding the “soft” imagery and whether the equipment settings need changing. We know the netting provides a huge technical challenge and in the gallery this week the second and third period are shot through the netting and it is clear to see the quality is affected. It is worth noting that these are the images that were worth “printing”. There are a lot more sitting in the recyle bin for dumping.

As far as I am aware other streaming teams do not shoot through netting. If I am wrong then we will certainly be after their settings.

Despite the normal forum experts comments to the contrary, there were practice events during lockdown including an under 18’s game that saw improvement on last years streams. Thursdays training saw more practice. The filming position has been changed also to try to reduce the effect of the netting.

The postmortem will be trying to find out what needs to change to make this an acceptable standard. We cannot hope to replicate what TV manages with tens of thousands of pounds worth of cameras and lots of them but we appreciate few of you expect that.

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