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The Raiders are pleased to offer streaming of all their home games this season as we aim to serve home and away fans that are not able to travel to the Sapphire.

Games links are all available to purchase now on our streaming portal, hosted by our friends at Ticketco. Please note that all the “VOD” events are previous Raiders games. You probably need to scroll past these onto page 2 (there is a page 1 and 2 link at the bottom of the front page) and select the item you wish to purchase. Click on the link below and scroll through all the VOD events to get to a live stream of your choice.

Raiders streaming site

All streams are £12 and start around 30 minutes before face-off and finish whenever the after-game interviews have completed.

If you have issues connecting then it may be worth reading this advice from ticketco Please note that this article starts with the advice that the inbuilt browser for Samsung devices may cause issues. There is also advice regarding the version of software required as a minimum for your device to operate the streaming platform.


Delivery problems, please check the trouble shooting link above. We are unable to assess the individual set up of each home and user.

There are occasions when local conditions, either your hard wired connections, wifi, software version, chosen browser, router, local data and bandwidth issues may provide you with a less than ideal connection or perhaps no connection at all. We urge you to investigate the trouble shooting sections above and encourage hard wired rather than wireless interfaces.

Some of the above advice will refer to clearing temporary internet files or “cache”. There are programmes that can help with this such as CCLEANER and a free version of this can be downloaded here →CCLEANER
Please use this programme with caution ensuring you do not accidentally delete passwords etc

Raiders and their streaming service can offer no responsibility for such local problems or offer refunds when it is clear the service is being recieved acceptably by the majority of those that suscribe to a given stream. Where large numbers of problems are reported then through out provider, Ticketco, we will investigate their data logs and trouble reports. We will use the feed back of the majority to determine that our outward bound signal and data stream is providing the service offered.


We also are bringing VOD (View on Demand) to the viewing offering and this will be seen as another item on the streaming menu so be careful not to purchase a VOD for a previous game when you want the latest live stream.

VOD will be available for up to 7 days after your initial purchase.

Raiders YouTube

Our YouTube channel has a growing number of highlights packages and footage from the archives to take you down memory lane!

Raiders National YouTube channel

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