Streaming links for this weekend for fans of the Raiders hockey club

September 21, 2019

For those poor souls that will be denied the experience of live ice hockey in the Sapphire this weekend your thoughtful team have live streaming as usual.

Live Streaming at the Sapphire.

On Saturday Raiders Div 1 face a quick return from Invicta, face off 5:15 as for all games this season. Links here ↓

Raiders Div 1 Host Invicta live stream

On Sunday Raiders National’s big home season opener is certainly one to not miss if you cannot get to the Sapphire for some reason. Basingstoke were one of last seasons prized scalps and Raiders will be looking to start with the right result to set the standard for the rest of the season. Win, lose or tie this will be a great game. ↓

Raiders National vs Basingstoke live stream

Costs for games £8 National and £4 div 1

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