Strongbones and Ukraine charity appeals

March 19, 2022

Raiders fans will have noted that our traditional annual charity game has not occurred as yet and unfortunately our charity partner, Strongbones, have had many  issues with attending various suggested dates with Covid vulnerable children / staff and a number of other commitments. We had hoped that they would attend last Friday’s game when the 50:50 had previously been planned to become their guaranteed sum but again they were not able to take part. The attendance of our charity representatives is always our hope to hopefully boost their collection totals.

It now seems that Strongbones are unable to commit till late April so we have decided to run “their event” in their absence on the game on the 2nd April, the last regular home league game of this season. Hopefully we will be able to encourage a great collection to add to the present total.

As our official charity we have also advised them we wished to organise the unusual event of raising funds for another cause. We are pleased to announce, unsurprisingly, that they are happy for us to do so.

The above clears the way, with the availability of staff and tickets also checked, for us to run another guaranteed 50:50 this Sunday and it will be no surprise that the plight of Ukraine and assisting how we can will be the beneficiary of this collection.

As with our previous charity 50:50 events over the past 8 years the Raiders 50% of the prize money will be donated and this will be to the DEC’s (Disaster Emergency Committee) Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. There are a number of charities that are collecting for the cause and this appears to be the most appropriate from our research.

Our games vs Milton Keynes Lightning are always well attended and this will hopefully help boost the funds raised for this very worthy cause and such is our confidence in the generosity of the G&B and Lightning fans that the guaranteed sum will be raised to £600.

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